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Our dedicated team takes pride in providing personalised and efficient service.

Founder & CEO


Zack is the founder and CEO of Rezolution.

After a lengthy respected career in education followed by charity consulting where he focussed on cohesion between communal groups, compliance and finance, and a stint working at another bookkeeping firm, the bug bit and he started Rezolution in 2019.

Driven by his passions for bookkeeping and helping people succeed, a self-confessed geek, Zack enjoys immersing himself in the latest fintech solutions to deliver integrated solutions for his clients, to help them gain ownership of their numbers and make informed data-driven business decisions.

Away from work, he enjoys reading (non-fiction, particular in the area of behavioural economics), walking, and spending time with his family.

Executive Account Manager


Ruthie joined Rezolution in August 2022 and is our super-efficient Executive Accounts Manager who focuses on both managing staff and servicing clients, beyond their accounts.

Prior to joining the business she was the Finance Manager at a Town Planning and Architectural Practice.

Highly organised with a love for cleaning up and making order of ‘messy’ accounts, she has a particular interest in charity accounts, having 10 years’ experience in that particular area.

For Ruthie, bookkeeping is not simply about figures and reports. By supporting our clients, she has a hugely positive impact on their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, supporting our experienced bookkeepers to take care of their accounts.

An inherent optimist, one of her favourite quotes is ‘Believe you can, and you will’.

Away from work, Ruthie enjoys running, cooking, entertaining and taking care of her family.



A qualified Chartered Accountant, Amy joined Rezolution in April 2023 and is one of our passionate bookkeepers.

As an accountant she admits to finding bookkeeping a sort of guilty pleasure, firm in her belief that a good bookkeeper makes light work for an accountant!

She finds working closely and regularly with her clients to be rewarding and enjoys making a difference to their business through her passion for the numbers.

Amy has two young children and values the work-life balance afforded by working at Rezolution, so she can still be the best mummy and continue her career at the same time.

If she had a spare minute for a hobby, she would absolutely love being creative with arts and crafts and has made many things over the years.



Devorah joined Rezolution in August 2022 and is one of our passionate bookkeepers.

Before joining the company, she was learning at Gateshead College where she studied bookkeeping and the best part of bookkeeper for her is working with the numbers.

In her spare time, Devorah enjoys reading, baking and brainteaser puzzles.



Malki joined Rezolution in December 2021 after completing her two years’ Level 2 and Level 3 bookkeeping certification at the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and is one of our passionate bookkeepers.

She loves using her bookkeeping skills to help her clients keep their accounts organised and their businesses streamlined.

Away from work, Malki is kept busy looking after her two children and socializing with family and friends.

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