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Are you frustrated with chasing invoice payments from clients? 

Well, you’re not alone. In our latest video, our CEO Zack Reznick reveals how one of his pet peeves as a bookkeeper, is watching clients spend so much time and effort on their work, and yet facing payment delays.

So, don’t let outstanding payments slow you down. Click below to discover 9 game-changing ways to ensure timely payments.

From striking while the iron is hot and invoicing quickly using Xero software, to offering an incentive with an Early Payment Discount, check out useful tips and advice to help optimize the invoicing process. 

You can also explore how to create a Credit Control System to send timely reminders and how to automate the entire process using software like Xero. Watch the video for more invaluable insights to help save you the time and hassle of chasing client invoices, reconcile all your payments and take control of the credit process for the long run. 


9 Tips to Ensure Your Clients Pay on Time (Credit Control)