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I recently picked up one of my all-time favourite books – Animal Farm.

I wanted to share a unique perspective on this literary classic that resonates with our professional lives. George
Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is often hailed as a powerful allegory, and today, I propose to view it through the lens of an all-too-familiar phenomenon: scope creep!

For those unfamiliar, scope creep refers to the gradual expansion of project objectives and deliverables beyond their original scope. It often leads to budget overruns, missed deadlines, and ultimately, a loss of focus. But how does this connect with Orwell’s timeless tale? Let’s delve deeper!

In “Animal Farm,” we witness the animals’ noble quest for freedom and equality under the leadership of the wise pigs, who represent the ruling class. Initially, their vision is clear and concise, mirroring a well-defined project scope.

However, as time goes on, their ambitions expand, and they fall victim to the allure of power. Bit by bit, their original goals become distorted, just like the gradual creep of project requirements.

The animals, driven by the pigs’ persuasive arguments, agree to one alteration after another, much like stakeholders who request incremental changes. These revisions often seem reasonable and promise progress, but they silently erode the project’s original purpose, leaving the animals with a diluted version of their initial aspirations.

As the pigs consolidate their power, their original mission of equality and justice gets overshadowed. The animals, akin to project teams, find themselves toiling away on tasks that were never part of their original agreement. The lines blur, and the original scope is replaced by a sprawling web of tasks and responsibilities, causing confusion, dissatisfaction, and even rebellion.

Ultimately, “Animal Farm” serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of scope creep in our professional endeavours. It highlights the importance of maintaining a clear vision, setting realistic boundaries, and regularly reassessing and communicating project objectives. By recognizing and addressing scope creep, we can mitigate its detrimental effects and preserve the essence of our original goals.

So let us reflect on this powerful analogy and strive to keep our projects focused, transparent, and aligned with their initial purpose. Together, we can resist the allure of scope creep and ensure the success of our endeavours.

Just my thoughts!